Market For Rabbit urine in Kenya

Rabbit farming in Kenya has rapidly grown for the past 5 years, thanks to the high demand for its products. Apart from the meat, other Rabbit farmers have tapped into their selling urine as foliar fertiliser and biopesticide.  Surprisingly, a half a litre of the urine fetches more than Sh500.

Rabbit urine is also used as a direct insecticide. Local greenhouse farmers in Kenya are buying the urine which they dilute in a 1: 5 ratio in water and spray directly to their crops. One rabbit ordinarily produces 250ml of urine daily. Therefore, with at least five rabbits, a farmer can tap a litre of rabbit urine a day.

Here are some of the buyers of Rabbit Urine in Kenya.

1.  Rabbit Consortium Ltd – +254 725 600 710

2. Rabbits urine Extra – +254775591851

3.  Rabbit republic, Hurlighum –  0720586990 

4. Rabbit breeders association of Kenya – 0721219092 

5. Alcare group –  0725 893963 / 0718784649 

5. Aqua Farm Consultants – (+254) 720586990

If you need Rabbit farming funding, you can contact Juhudi Kilimo on +254 20 2642288.

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