9 Memorable Experiences Only a Kenyan Campus Student Can Relate To

Campus is it’s own heaven and hell altogether. Some things happen as we want them to or otherwise. With unlimited freedom, students tend to experience and do whatever they can’t normally do…and make memories that’s.

Some experiences are worth remembering because they define your stay in college.
Below are some of the memorable experiences campuses/ college students can relate to.

1.Freshers Orientation
Just days or weeks old in Campus, you must remember that you were told that freshers are supposed to attend an orientation where you are shown around the school, mess, lecture halls and even the library. Some students like me visited the library for the first and last time during orientation. This is one memorable experience one can’t afford to forget

2.Freshers Bash
Freshers are officially ‘inaugurated’ as comrades with pomp and pageantry in a ‘bash’ where students get to mingle, enjoy music from their favorite musician, dance to their favorite tune and sing along to their best jams. Many students also leave the singles club here  as they take advantage of the huge congregation of freshers.This is one memorable experience in Campus

3.Hostels Microcomrades
If while in campus you got accommodation within the school, you know how students tend to spend alot of time in the hostel. The problem however sets in at night when bedbugs start to bite and you can’t just sleep and you have a lecture at 7:00. The bedbug issue is one of the main issue many of the students “walihamia nje”

Sometimes, you can be lucky and be called over for a sleepover. In most cases, the duo romance and then have s3x, and on the other side of the coin, you can be called and the the moods swing then “unakaushwa”. The next morning you leave so early like you have been chased away from the house. This makes one memorable experience too

Majority of campus students hate this, including me. When I was in first and second year, first semester, I had this roomie who had multiple girlfriends. So  it seems he would summon them each after two days or even daily and bring one after the other each day or after two to three days. He wouldn’t interrupt when we were in classes like ‘i need to use the room’, he would just interrupt when we were all in the room and it’s was cold…or even at night while it’s raining that “Brathe, mnaeza niachia keja for 20 minutes nitumie?” …and we would faithfully  vacate and give him his space to work on his project and dude would stay in there for an hour.

6.Campus Strikes
Strikes form a big part of our memorable experience in campus.
Students can get agitated over either hiking of school fee, death of a comrade, poor sanitation and stuff, they they go on a rampage. The “best” part of this is engaging in running battles with the police.

7.Skiving Classes
This might not apply to everybody. Take this example, your friends take you out for a drink at your favorite club and you drink till you pass out, then the ‘hangover’ that follows the next morning…good Lord.
That’s when you send texts to your  friends in class that “Nisignie, HDC212-2558/2015 …if you get it.

8.Last Minute Revision & Impromptu CATS
Sometimes you could carry your book and pen, walk to class and sit at your favorite spot religiously and wait for the lecturer. But then the lecturer shows up with CAT papers and you there,  confused and ‘blank’.
Or after enjoying the weekend, Monday is here and you have end sem exams, you are blank and the paper is an hour away…here is when you put your cramming prowess into action and feed your brain with knowledge like never before.

9.Exam Formation
Well, if you never did this, you missed a risky but memorable part of your college life.
When exams were due, you obviously couldn’t  grasp everything. So the plot was to go to the exam venue earlier, arrange yourself  in perfect exam stealing positions and then do the magic while tactically avoiding the invigilator’s eye.



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