Kindly Read These Precautions Before Marrying a Kikuyu Woman

No doubt that Kikuyu ladies are largely known in Kenya for their precarious use of their spouses to enrich themselves even at the expense of the lives of their loved ones. Today we have compiled some precautions that you can take to protect yourself from being predated on or going to an early grave.

1. Don’t allow her to turn you into a biological ATM; if not careful, you’ll be funding an entire clan before you are dumped.


2. Unless you have absolute confidence in your Kikuyu woman, avoid- at all costs – taking her to your residence. She might be spying. Just use lodgings and remain anonymous. Don’t be a victim of waking up and finding nothing in your house bro.


3. Avoid revealing your true worth to a Kikuyu woman you’re dating; you might find your bank account swept clean or, even worse, find yourself being mauled down by gangsters.


4. If the woman is from Nyeri, you better learn some self- defence tactics. You never know when she’ll strike. Always be armed with a secret rungu in the bedroom just in case…


5. Never ever ever….I repeat.. .never ever sleep with a Kikuyu woman without protection. Most likely she wants to turn you into a cash cow through alimonies and child support.


6. If you are marrying a Kikuyu woman, never ever try investing where she comes from. If she is from Kiambu, her father can fool you by giving you a plot and once you develop it, that is when you’ll realize you have been duped.


7. Last and most important, Just laugh it off!

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Victor Matara

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