Mentor Sacco Membership Eligibility & Requirements

This article focuses on Mentor Sacco membership eligibility and requirements. Mentor Sacco Society Limited was established in 1977. It is a modern fast-growing financial institution in Kenya offering bespoke financial solutions.

The Sacco has 40+ years of experience and a big community of 25,000+ members.

Mentor Sacco Membership Eligibility

The Sacco membership is open to all. Membership is mainly drawn from;

  • Civil servants.
  • Disciplined forces.
  • Private companies.
  • Approved entrepreneurs.
  • Groups/chama/other institutions.
  • Local authorities.
  • NGOs.
  • National and county government.

Mentor Sacco Membership Requirements

  • A copy of National ID/Passport.
  • A copy of KRA PIN certificate.
  • Original payslip or a letter from the principal or head teacher, for BOG/PTA employees.
  • Registration fee of Kshs 1,000.

Mentor Sacco Products

(a). Savings Products

(i). Mentor Holiday Account

  • This account enables you to plan for your dream holiday.

(ii). Mentor Junior Account

  • Introduce your kids to the basics of sound financial management while also securing their future.
  • Open a Mentor Junior Account and start on that path to a bright future for your child.

(iii). Mentor Personal Savings Account

  • Offers you an opportunity to freely build up your savings for the future or in the event of an emergency.
  • Establish standing orders, contractual agreements or deposit cash whenever you want to save a portion of your income.

(b). BOSA Loans

(i). Imara Loan

  • It is best suited for your development needs.

(ii). School Fees Loan

  • The Sacco got you covered if you are short on school fees.

(iii). Jijenge 25 Loan

  • This loan offer helps you to fulfill your dreams if you are looking to achieve your long-term development goals.

(iv). Instant Loan

  • It is your go to choice if you need quick access to cash flow injection for your development project.

(v). Emergency Loan

  • No matter the circumstance, Mentor Sacco offers this loan to support you whenever emergencies crop up.

(vi). Normal Loan

  • It is a straight forward and convenient borrowing solution to help you achieve your goals.

(vii). Jijenge 19 Loan

  • It is best suited for those who are looking to achieve your long-term development goals.

(c). FOSA Loans

  • FOSA imara.
  • Jambo FOSA.
  • Quick fix loan.
  • FOSA pride.
  • Salary advance.
  • Salary in advance.

(d). Investment Products

  • Ordinary deposits.
  • Golden account.
  • FOSA deposits.
  • Share capital.
  • Mazao deposits.
  • Fixed deposit account.

Mentor Sacco Contacts

Head Office: Mentor Complex, Uhuru Highway, Murang’a.

Contacts: 0111 026 000/ 0704 066 827.

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