List Of The Biggest Mining Companies In Kenya

Kenya has vast mineral deposits beneath our feet that remain largely unexploited as data gaps keep the country’s undiscovered underground wealth out of the economic system.

The production of rare earth is expected to average between 2,900 tonnes and 3,600 tonnes of concentrate per year.

A report released on the country’s potential mineral resources shows that Kenya has billions below its surface worth of minerals yet to be mapped and quantified for mining.

Listed below are some of the biggest mining companies in Kenya that have ploughed massive quantities of land to unearth mineral deposits.

1. Acacia Mining Limited
Minerals Mined: Gold

2. Apex Africa Resources Limited
Minerals Mined: Non precious metals

3. JSW Steel East Africa Ltd
Minerals Mined: Manganese

4. Base Titanium Ltd 
Minerals Mined: Titanium

5. Dockland Mining Co. Ltd
Minerals Mined: Manganese,Zinc

6. Athi River Mining Ltd
Minerals Mined: Non Precious Metals

7. MayFox Mining Company
Minerals Mined: Gold

8. East African Pure Gold Limited
Minerals Mined: Gold, Base Minerals

9. Rift Valley Resources and Exploitation Ltd
Minerals Mined: Non Precious Minerals

10. Zhen Hua Company Ltd
Minerals Mined: Gold, Iron ore, Non precious Minerals

11. Duma Gold Limited
Minerals Mined: Gold

12. Mayfox mining Company
Minerals Mined: Precious and Non Precious Minerals

13. Delta Mining Company
Minerals Mined: Limestone

John Nyabuto

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