5 Common Misconceptions About Kenyan Campus Ladies That Are Totally Wrong

Wenye wivu wajinyonge roho safi. Just because you have never been to campus to experience the life in there, or because you were the type to misbehave, you should never generalize every other girl based on the actions of others.It’s uncouth and intolerable. Here are some of the widespread notions about campus lasses that are very wrong;

1. Gold digging bums.
Men should get to understand that not all women are after their cash.There are women who have it all , enough cash, much more than what an ordinary guy can afford.There are women in campus who are very independent, they don’t need men to sort their financial distress.

2. HIV positive.
True to the adage that not all that glitters is Gold. Just because most campus lasses, dress up in tight up skirts and crop tops every Friday and hop from party to party, does not imply that they have the mdudu. Weird enough how some village mamas who are just new in town will blatantly judge someone so harshly because of their dress code.Watch you mouth oh.

3. S3x addicts.
That’s absurd. If it’s about s3x, then everybody loves it.Not everyone is into this game.Just because you banged three best friends in a series, does not brand every other girl cheap. Just because the neighbor next door exchanges men like clothes does not imply that every other girl in campus does that.

4.They are wannabes.

When you join campus, you really get to learn a lot.It’s that one place that you really get to identify yourself and learn lots of stuff. Fashion being the key thing, a lot of campus ladies love to dress up and do make up.Its the in thing in campus.You just have to put up with it. Women feel confident when they dress up well.Better understand them, than go ranting and raving over what you have no idea about.

5. They are reckless.
No one really cares about what you do with your life in campus.Whether you are a football die-hard, a drug addict, a vagabond, the list is damn endless, it’s your life.For that reason, no one should bother your life at any cost. Some campus ladies are very cautious with their lives. They think about tomorrow and care about their future.

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