Mobile Loan Apps With The Same Copy & Paste Content

They say imitation is the best form of flattery. However, some imitations might just be due to laziness or lack of adequate skills and resources to come up with a unique product.

This eventually can prove costly in the long run since this can be perceived as either being a copy of an original product (counterfeit) or lack of professionalism of the service provider to put in extra effort to enhance individuality.

Below we look at some of the mobile credit lenders who by their own reasons have strikingly similar apps in terms of design and content.

This is the very first screen you encounter after opening the app. The basic template is the provider’s logo accompanied by the “Powered by………..” TEXT beneath the logo.

This is the second screen after the loading screen. It’s basic template is the provider’s logo, tagline and a single tab with the text ‘create new account’

This is the third screen. It is a registration screen that requires one to fill in:
Surname, other names, National ID, MPESA phone number, Email address, Date of birth and gender.

This is the fourth screen containing payment details ie Paybill number, account number and amount to pay.
This screen also contains variations of payment confirmation and customer care.

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