Mobile Loans That Require Facebook Access Before Disbursing Loans

We live in a global village whereby failure to possess any digital footprint can be considered as being ‘backward’ to the point of being branded an accomplice in trying to reverse humanity back to the stone-age.

Social networks have dominated the scene and have assumed the role of an online diary whereby every event in our daily lives are documented in their entirety for the whole world to see.

In addition to this, one’s social circle and friends are also portrayed resulting in a competition for dominance whereby the larger the number of ‘friends’ one has, the more popular the individual.

An example of the largest and probably famous site worldwide is currently Facebook. The site boasts of around 2,320 million active users as of April 2019 according to . This might be why some mobile lenders require to access one’s Facebook account in order to find out more about the user in addition to gauging his/her creditworthiness.

Below are such lenders who require your facebook access during registration.

Haraka is a loan service provided by Getbucks available in various countries including Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Tanzania.

According to the app’s bio on registering and getting a loan:
1.Create your account by logging into facebook
2. Agree to the use of your phone data i.e Contacts, Location, Apps installed on phone, Device make, model, firmware and software version. These will ultimately contribute to determining client behaviour, mobile wallet activity, and affordability.
3. Choose the loan amount
4. Check mobile wallet for the disbursed loan amount

Zidisha is a loan service provided by Zidisha available worldwide.

According to the app’s bio on playstore, in order to qualify to be a Zidisha member. One has to:
1. Have his/her own Facebook account with extensive social connections.
2.Have an income source that will allow weekly repayments.
3. Be able to secure recommendations from the community.

Branch is a loan service provided by Branch Ltd available in Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Mexico and India.
According to the app’s bio on registration and receiving a loan:
1.Create your account
2.Apply in seconds
3. Receive your loan straight onto your mobile money wallet.
4. Build your loan limit through every repayment made.

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