Most Controversial Pastors In Kenya

Sometimes, The “Fishers Of Men” or “Flock herders” treat us to some ungodly scenes, or do some things which we, Kenyans who are not their followers see as absolutely odd, but their flock religiously follow them, even if it is wrong.
We have had pastors who have solicited for a lot of money from unsuspecting faithfully with a promise of praying for a miracle in their lives, they milk them dry and later tell them that they didn’t have enough faith.

Long story short, here are some of the Most Controversial Pastors In Kenya Today.

1.Prophet Owuor
Well, Prophet Owuor of Ministry of Repentance and Holiness church had to take the first place.
He has in his past crusades, where thousands of his followers go to the extent of literary washing the roads for him to pass after spreading a red carpet performed many “miracles”. He has made whirlwinds to happen in his crusades, made the rain to fall, made the crippled to walk, made the blind to see, healed faithfuls from tumours, epilepsy and even, in his recent miracle which caused a public uproar when he raised a woman from the dead.
People never quite understand whether he is a genuine prophet or a fake prophet.

Prophet David Owuor of the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness during a National Thanks Giving Meeting at Eldoret Sports Club on April 20, 2014.

2.Pastor Kanyari
We all know this mischievous pastor. He made a fortune from telling people in most of his televised sermons to plants a seed of ksh310 which was sent to his pay bill number. He was also recorded coaching some of his faithful on how to fake sickness for him to “heal” then during sermons. If you were keen too you can remember that he fondled a faithful’s boobs as he was praying for her.
Kanyari became so filthy rich that he cruises around in the latest model Range Rover sport and is working on many more projects since his preaching career collapsed

3.Bishop Margaret Wanjiru
Margaret Wanjiru of Jesus Is Alive Ministries has been juggling between church and politics. She is even a former member of parliament for Starehe and even tried a hand in Nairobi Gubernatorial race.

4.Bishop Allan & Kathy Kiuna
Remember a purported miracle baby stunt which failed, and claims that Kathy said poor people should not come to her church?
That aside, The Kiunas are some of the richest Kenyan pastors who have made a fortune out of their church, a big fortune. They live a high-end life and have a Televised sermon and show. People never really understand if their fortune is solely from the church because they are filthy rich.

5.Pius Muiru
Pius Muiru of Maximum Miracle Centre has been around for a while now. Many who used to listen to radio back then remember his hoarse voice as he “showered” blessings to his listeners.
You can vividly remember he asked for a grand contribution to fund his campaign for 2007 election, but no one ever saw him in a campaign trail. He is also super rich that he built a mansion that left villages in awe sometime back. Recently, his mother got killed in rather unclear circumstances and buried in a shallow grave.

John Nyabuto

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