5 Most Dangerous Places In Nairobi That You Should Avoid For Your Own Safety

Nairobi has a notorious reputation for being a haven of the most dangerous criminals in the world. Although things have improved over the years, there are still pockets of crimes spread around the city. These are the most dangerous areas of Nairobi that you should avoid at all costs.

1. Archives: It is most probably that you might get attacked or robbed in this area, so take a sensible precaution when visiting this area.

2. Nyamakima: In this area, it is quite possible that you will get mugged if adequate care is not taken.

3. Around Globe Cinema – You might experience mugging, snatching and breaking of car parts.

4. Kirinyaga Road – Careful when exploring this area because you might experience mugging and snatching of handbags and phones

5. Ambassadeur – Mugging (late night) and snatching (anytime)

Other places that you should be careful while in the CBD are ;

-Ronald Ngala Street – Snatching

Muthurwa  – Mugging and snatching

-Uhuru Highway – Breaking of side mirrors and snatching

-OTC -Mugging and snatching


  • The stretch between Dusit to Kempinski


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