Most Developed Counties in Kenya

Kenya is truly a blessed country, the hardworking citizens in the country are a true revelation to this. Today , we want to look at some of the counties which have done well in terms of development since the enforcement of devolution in the country.  It’s also good to note that the counties below have seen good raise in per capital income due to the good economic policies from their respective governors.

Without further ado , here are the most developed counties in Kenya.

1.  Kajiado County

With a population of more than 687,312 people, only 11.6 % of the population are living under poverty.

2. Nairobi   County

The home of National Government has developed mainly due to investments by National Government and other private institutions. Only 22.5 % of its 3.375 million people live under poverty.

3. Kirinyaga   County

25.2 % of its population (528,054 ) are living under poverty.

4. Kiambu  County

According to a recent research, only 27.2 % in this county are living under poverty.

5. Meru  County

28.3  % of  its population (1.356 million) are still living under poverty.

Victor Matara

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