Most Marketable TSC Subject Combinations In Kenya

This article focuses on the most marketable TSC subject combinations in Kenya. Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is the body mandated to manage human resources within the education sector.

Every year, TSC hires teachers to replace those who have exited the service. The commission publishes adverts for those interested to make applications. Only qualified candidates are invited for interviews.

Here is a list of the most marketable TSC subject combinations.

1. Maths/ Physics

This is a very marketable combination that will land you a job with TSC within a year. There is a shortage of Maths/Physics teachers in the country. The subjects are considered to be tough, a reason why most students in the universities don’t enrol for them.

2. Physics/ Chemistry

The two subjects are not for the faint-hearted. They are very technical subjects that most people are afraid of pursuing in the university. Anybody who pursues this combination is guaranteed a job with TSC within 1-2 years.

3. Computer/ Any Combination

In this era of technological advancement in the education sector, Computer studies is very marketable. You are likely to get hired with TSC within a short period.

4. Chemistry/ Physics

These are very technical subjects that many people run away from. There are very few Chemistry/Physics teachers in the country. TSC usually gives a priority to those who have pursued this combination.

5Biology/ Agriculture

This a good combination that is very marketable, not only in the educational sector. One can land a lucrative opportunity in the agricultural sector, especially in leading parastatals.

6. French/ Any Subject 

French is a foreign language that is being taught in most top-notch schools. Not many people pursue French as a career. There is a shortage of French teachers in the country. Those who have pursued French have an advantage when TSC is hiring teachers.

7. Biology/ Maths

This subject combination is very marketable. Even before being hired by TSC, you are sure of landing an opportunity as a BOM teacher.

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