Musician Jaguar Still Remains a favorite to win the Starehe Parliamentary Seat

Musician Jaguar is still heavily favored to win the August 8th elections for the Starehe parliamentary seat according to the latest research. The heavily contested seat which has ODM’s Steve Mbogo and activist Boniface Mwangi on the race has proved to be one of the hardest parliamentary challenge in this year’s elections.

First, from the recent look of things , all the Starehe candidates have put more focus on the ground campaigns which  has made the race more interesting . But with all that on the table, here are six  reasons why Jubilee’s Charles Kanyi will carry the day come August 8th.

1.  The advantage for a generic Jubilee candidate over a generic Nasa candidate is higher in Starehe constituency. 

One of the most basic questions asked in very poll is whether or not voters want to see a Jubilee or a Nasa elected candidate win, no matter who the candidate of each party may be. And as recently as last fall, the generic Jubilee edged out the Nasa one in Starehe hence putting jaguar on a higher probability of beating Steve Mbogo and Boniface Mwangi.

2. Projects initiated by the Candidates in Starehe.

Honestly, if we were to judge from the projects that the three candidates have initiated for the Starehe people then with no doubt Jaguar will emerge the winner at 8 am on August 8th. From constructing road, car washes, bridges to helping victims of the recent tragedies like fire Jaguar remains in the heart of the Starehe constituents.

3. Youth Empowerment.

Starehe is a constituency which its majority is made up of the youth. Most of the candidates have recently put more focus on them which has clearly shown that they rely a lot votes from them. However, the major question that remains is if the candidates are truly doing that for empowerment or political gain.  Once again Jaguar still comes first in such empowerment projects since he started way back before announcing his interest in the seat.

4. Uhuru Kenyatta’s approval rating is 51 percent.

Being a personal friend to President Uhuru Kenyatta is also considered one of the major things that may boost Jaguar’s bid to represent the Starehe people in Parliament after the August 8th elections. Unlike his opponents who have no strong affiliation to their party leaders, Jaguar will enjoy the direct endorsement from president Uhuru Kenyatta.

5. Starehe is a metropolitan Constituency 

 Most of the Starehe constituency  residents hail from different communities in the country. Having been a musician who commands support from the common mwananchi , Jaguar is likely to garner many votes unlike his major opponent who is still doing the groundbreaking.

6. The Jubilee Party is nearly breaking even on favorability, while the NASA  is under water.

Let’s be real: It isn’t a fun time to be a party establishment type, no matter what side of the aisle you’re on. Both parties are pretty popular, but the Jubilees’ are doing a lot better than their NASA rivals. On the popularity scale in Starehe,Nasa is just barely underwater, hence giving Jubilee’s Charles Kanyi a better hand of emerging a winner.

All that said, lets wait on the August 8th and see how the race will go down.

Victor Matara

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