Musicians Who Went On A Musical Break, Came Back And Conquered the airwaves !

We have had musicians who claim to be bowing out of the musical arena after the going goes south. We have others who bow out honorably due to age, family issues or to pursue another thing in life.

But sometimes when everything is sorted out, few of this musicians make a comeback, and few too, make a hit while other miss terribly.

Today, we documented three major East African musicians who went on a musical break, came back and conquered the music industry by storm.



A former member of Kleptomaniax left the musical arena sometime back, and was almost forgotten.

Nyashinski then came back with Now You know that got everyone singing and hit 2.1Million views in a short while..before we could even recover from addiction of this amazing song, he did a gospel song, Mungu Pekee, his career skyrocketed even more. All this two songs were released in 2016.

2017 was here and on May, he released two jams back to back,  Malaika and Aminia and they all hit the airwaves massively. Now what more rewarding could a musician want than a successful comeback????.

Watch  Malaika below.


2. RAY C

This Tanzanian beauty and songbird has had issues with her career in the recent past because of drug addiction. She almost ruined her beautifully decorated career to drugs but managed to salvage herself and run back on track. Famed for her songs like  Uko Wapi, Na wewe milele, Umenikataa,I Got a Woman, I Dont Need No Doctor, Sogea Sogea that were major hits back then, Ray C then disappeared as she sank into addiction and was in and out of rehabilitation.

But she made a major comeback this year, first with a collabo featuring Chege and Sanaipei Tande called  Najiuliza.

She then went solo in her next and latest project, Unanimaliza, a hyponitising sexy love song???? to prove a point that hey, iam still the undisputed Bongo queen.

Watch the song here.



If you used to listen to our National Radio broadcaster back then and a few other radio stations,then you know songs like Africa Tupendane,Chambua Kama Karanga, Consolata, and Engonzi to name just a few. Her songs were so lovely almost everyone knew them. Diamond even did a remix of Chambua kama Karanga under a Salome title and it never dissapointed a bit. Saida has been off the radar for a while now until when she came in the limelight to celebrate her 15 years in the industry.

She then decided to gift us with Orugambo recently and it’s just off this world. With parts of it borrowed from Salome by Diamond and Rayvanny and Muziki by Ben Pol, Orugambo is climbing the music charts, a step after the other.

Watch Orugambo below.




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