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Nairobi Safari Walk Charges 2020

In this article, we take a look at the Nairobi Safari Walk charges as of 2020. This is a wooden boardwalk located at the Nairobi National Park which offers exquisite views of Kenya’s wildlife. Visitors can see a sample of the country’s rich animal life including the rare bongo, white rhino and albino zebra as well as big cats, antelopes, primates and over 400 bird species. It is also home to some 150 species of local trees. All these under Kenya’s three eco-systems namely the savannahs, forests and wetlands.

One can have a Safari walk here all year round. January to March is hot and dry, April to June is hot and wet, and July to October is very warm and wet. The area is managed by the Kenya Wildlife Service and below are the park entry charges.

Nairobi Safari Walk Charges 2020

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