List of Companies That Troubled Nakumatt Owes Billions

Troubled retail chain Nakumatt owes billions to several companies in Kenya at the moment. According to papers filed in court, more than 50 companies have sort to seek the legal intervention to have their money paid back. Giant Kenyan dairy processing firm Brookside tops the list as the highest victim. On the 19th of September, Nakumatt turned a shoulder to Tuskys in bid to rescue its lost glory. The two retailers signed a merger deal that will help revive Nakumatt whose shelves have been empty for a long time.


Here is a list of firms that Nakumatt owes billions at the moment. 


Firm Amount Owed
Brookside Dairy Limited Ksh 457 Million
Redstar International Ksh 261 Million
Kisima Management limited Ksh 201 Million
Kenindia Insurance Ksh 161 Million
Nexus Holdings Limited Ksh 103 Million
Charia Veterinary Distributors Ksh 97.9 Million
Lemoc Limited Ksh 94.6 Million
Kevian Ksh 90.2 Million
Haco Industries Ksh 71.8 Million
Africa Cotton Industries Ksh 70 Million
Tropical Brands Ksh 56.3 Million
Kenya Breweries Limited Ksh 54 Million
United Distillers Vintners Kenya Ksh 49.3 Million
Fresha Milk Ksh 45.4 Million
Zenko Kenya Ksh 45 Million
NIC Bank Ksh 42 Million
Nellea Limited Ksh 41.9 Million
Henkel Kenya Ksh 40 Million
Mill Bakers Limited Ksh 37.7 Million
Seven Days International Ksh 29 Million
Trisclimensional services Ksh 28.5 Million


Victor Matara

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