New Tricks Used By Conmen And Pickpockets in Nairobi

Recently we highlighted on the most dangerous areas of Nairobi that you should avoid at all costs and today we are going to highlight some of the new tricks used by conmen so that you may be on the know.

1 : Playing the victim

– This is one dangerous trick especially to the victim being played on because you might end up hurt. This is how the cards are played: The conmen will spot a prey,this happens at the bustop,(as you are busy browsing your phone and chatting,they take notice of your phone) they work in a group of three,if they “approve” the victim,they send out hunter no.1 who is usually an old mama,she will tell you how she is stranded in town,came to see his son but can’t trace him,her only request is for you to help her make a phone call to her “son” Out of goodwill you make the call,its all choreographed such that the woman makes it look so real by removing a wrinkled paper with the “sons” no. on it,you make the call it goes unanswered,several attempts no success,she then releases  and even thanks you for help,and like that her part is done and walks off. All this time you were making a call to the “son” it was a fraud,the call went to the other members of the crew and all they needed was your phone no.

You get on with your journey not knowing here in the bus you have the conmen on board. After sometime they lay out their plot,one of them will start talking in high tone that he just lost his phone in the bus,the other guy will ask for his number(which happens to beyour no. rem that phone call you made to the mama.s son? They got your no) hurriedly he says the no and they ring it and poof your phone goes up,all eyes are on you,the conman who is playing the victim will raise up shouting and pointing at you that you have his phone,still confused he grabs away your phone and as exchange still goes on,he tells the driver to make a stop they have to alight since they can’t continue with the journey on a bus with thieves. All your cries and pleads for yourinnocence falls on deaf ears,infact you will be lucky if the mass doesn’t pounce on you with victims. Before you realise it,they are gone. Just like a movie your phone is gone. This trick is more rampant around OTC,Thika super highway especially in Githurai,Ngong Road also has exhibited thi. Rule no.1 when you in the streets of Nairobi,trust no body.

2 : Newspaper Trick

-This one has been out there for a minute but it continues being used due to its high percentage of victims vulnerability. It works mostly during the rush hours and by that I mean evenings and mornings when people are rushing to and from work. The conmen always have the latest newspaper of the day. They will sit besides you just like any other passenger in the PSVs no eyebrows raised at all. In the middle of the journey,this one especially in the morning,he pulls out the newspaper in pretense of catching up with the latest knowing very well out of curiosity which is human nature you will tilt your eyes to catch s glimpse of the headlines and all,the moment they notice that in you its time to take the next step,they will in calculated step,move the newspaper towards you and spread it wide open,now you are thinking he is generous and all not knowing what’s on,as you indulge and your mind gets absorbed into the reading,he unleashes his sticky fingers beneath the newspaper page and peruse your belongings in handbag or pockets,they are very sleek you won’t notice it happening. Its always done when about to alight. The bus stops and everybody goes his way,you will realize later when checking on your pockets or handbag that you were conned and by then he is no where in vicinity. Many have lost phones,money among other valuables through this scheme.

Pretty Lady’s Venom

-This one has been exhibited mostly in Umoja estate which holds highest number of con-women and to be fair pretty ladies too. Ladies seems to have an exclusive sense of smelling when it comes to the legal tender,how? I don’t know. This type of conning is more rampant during month ends. This pretty lady sits besides you from town heading to the estate,men with their hunger and ever present perverting schemes will try to through in a few lines to  the lady who will cooperate so smoothly and make you feel like Denzel Washington or Brad Pitt. Killer smile and all. It has never been clear what they do or how they pull it,but here is what they do,she will say she is about to alight but you can take her number you talk later (a lady asking for the no. first?hmmm) they opt to take your phone and dial in their numbers. You excitedly hand over your phone to her but in between a mystery happens and you go in a deep sleep,she then ransack your pockets,nobody can suspect a thing actually people assume you are couples. After getting her kill she walks away smoothly,you will wake up matter of fact woken up to shock,many have been robbed salaries and phones this way.

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