NTSA Logbook Transfer Charges

In this article, we’ll look at NTSA logbook transfer requirements and charges.

Logbook Transfer Requirements In Kenya

To transfer a car in Kenya, both the current owner and the buyer must create accounts on TIMS. They should enable SMS code notifications for added security during the verification process. If Kenyans already have e-citizen accounts, they can use the same login details to access TIMS and make any necessary updates.

Seller Requirements

  • Initiate the transfer process as the seller by visiting www.ntsa.go.ke.
  • Choose the preferred service portal and log in to your TIMS account.
  • Click on “vehicle registration” and navigate to the “transfer vehicle” menu, then click on “apply for transfer of ownership.” The list of vehicles will be displayed.
  • Select the vehicle you want to transfer and click “NEXT.”
  • Enter the new owner’s details, specifying single or joint ownership. Ensure the new owner has a TIMS account.
  • Choose the ownership type (Individual, Financier, or Diplomatic mission).
  • Fill in the new owner’s details and click “SUBMIT.”
  • Complete the details and upload a clear, colored scanned copy of the logbook in PDF format before submitting.
  • Click “send verification code” and enter the code sent to the registered number. Tick the declaration box.
  • Make the required payment and click “submit.” A system notification will confirm the successful submission by the seller.
  • The buyer must then accept ownership of the transfer.

Buyers Requirements

  • Visit www.ntsa.go.ke.
  • Select the preferred service portal and log in to your TIMS account.
  • Click on “vehicle transfer.”
  • Choose “accept ownership.”
  • Click on the vehicle details and then “NEXT.”
  • Select “passed” and tick the declaration box, then click “approve” to finalize the process.
  • For individuals, proceed to fill in the collection point and the ID of the person authorized to collect the logbook.
  • After completing the details, click “submit.” The application will be sent to NTSA for processing.
  • The buyer should await approval and an SMS notification.

NTSA Logbook Transfer Charges

Vehicle Rating Capacity Fee (Ksh)
1000cc & below 2,210
1001-1200cc 2,440
1201-1500cc 2,615
1501-1700cc 2,960
1701-2000cc 3,245
2001-2500cc  4,395
2501-3000cc 5,505
3001 and above 6,465
A trailer with less than four wheels 1,580
A trailer with four wheels or more 2,240
Tractor 1,580/=
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