Nyala Vision Sacco Membership Eligibility & Requirements

This article focuses on Nyala Vision Sacco membership eligibility and requirements. Nyala Vision Sacco was registered on 18th February 2010 under the Ministry of Co-operative & Marketing and allocated Cs/No 12444.

Initially it operated as a department of Nyala Dairy Multipurpose Co-operative Society and used to pay its members by the use of envelopes. Later, the BOSA section was opened and members started saving money in terms of shares with the aim of getting financial assistance.

Nyala Vision Sacco being in line with Vision 2030 has the main objective of offering globally competitive financial services, driving high level of savings and financing member investment needs.

The Sacco was licensed by Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority (SASRA) in 2013. Currently, it has an asset base of 0.76 billion, making it one of the largest deposit-taking Saccos in the country.

Nyala Vision Sacco Membership Eligibility

The Sacco’s membership is open to any person in Kenya including;

  • All farmers.
  • Groups (youth, selfhelp, welfares, women).
  • Business people.
  • Institutions and co-operative societies.
  • Pensioners
  • Salaried persons.
  • Children through their parents.

Nyala Vision Sacco Membership Requirements

(i). Individuals

  • Original copy of ID/ military ID/ passport.

(ii). Groups

  • Original and copies of IDs of signatories.
  • Original and copy of registration certificate.

(iii). Business Account

  • Original and copies of IDs of signatories.
  • Original and copy of business registration certificate.

(iv). Junior Account

  • Copy of child’s birth certificate.
  • Original and copy of parent’s/ guardian’s identity card.

Membership Benefits

  • Access to loans.
  • Annual dividends.
  • Ownership of the sacco.
  • Participate in sacco annual general meetings.
  • Eligibility to be elected on the BOD.

Nyala Vision Sacco Products

FOSA Products

  • Savings account.
  • Institution savings account.
  • Business savings account.
  • Fixed savings account.
  • Junior savings account.
  • Senior citizens savings account.

BOSA Products

  • Development loans.
  • Emergency loans.
  • School fees loans.
  • Microcredit loans.
  • Asset finance.
  • Milk advance.
  • Salary advance.

Nyala Vision Sacco Contacts

Location: Mahiga Plaza, Ndaragwa.

Contact: 0710 401 129.

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