Out-Of Box Wedding Invitation Templates That Grabs Everyone’s Attention

Wedding video invitations are the new method of inviting family and friends to your big day. Send it along with your paper invite, or send it alone, a video invite will catch the attention of your guests and bring them to your day of love.

You can make your video invites even more effective by coming up with unique video ideas. Here is a list of some out of the box ideas for wedding invitation videos. Pick one of the options given below, and you are sure to impress your guest days before you say ‘I do.’

Cultural Theme

You and your partner are from the same state, or do you people come from stark opposite places? You can take this as a chance to show your rich heritage and show how your marriage is going to be an amalgamation of both your traditions and cultures.

Create your theme around the essential landmarks, language, food, and other unique and beautiful aspects of both your hometowns. This out of the box idea will showcase your love for each other while aligning your love for your roots.

Hobby Theme

Is there a hobby that unites you both? Wonderful. You can use it as the theme of your wedding invitation. If you both love to go hiking, bungee jump, or maybe enjoy a good dance, use this subject in the background.

Capture yourself right in the middle of your hobby and announce your wedding. Guests will remember this wedding invitation video for a long time because of your bond and how much you enjoy each other’s company.

Cute caricatures

One cute and out of the box wedding invitation idea is to create caricatures of the bride and the groom. The faces of the caricature can look like the couple, and the body can be changed to fit the theme of the video.

Like the idea? This type of video is not animated. It can also be as simple as you make a poster and run all your wedding day details in front of it. Furthermore, you can use caricatures dressed up as bride and groom to announce your wedding.

Caricatures are fun to watch with their personalized details. Every person who will receive an invite from you will enjoy the invite and may even copy it for themselves.

Under Water 

Water is a beautiful prop for any photography. A water body looks beautiful, reflects light, and can become a theme in itself. You must have heard a lot of about brides and grooms going underwater to say ‘I do,’ but it is rare to see an under-water wedding invitation.

Consider creating your video under the water with the help of professional divers and videographers. An underwater wedding invite is bound to make your guests sit up and notice your wedding invitation.


Monochrome wedding video? Imagine a video created in black and white, just like the old days. You can also pick the retro theme to dress up and create the video.

A black and video is a rare thing today, and hence, your wedding invite will easily stand out among other regular ones. No, you won’t have to shoot your invitation in black and white; you can shoot it in full color and then change it to monochrome.

If you are using a video editor to make your wedding invitations, you can use the settings option provided by the editor to change your video to monochrome. Some tools also offer free wedding invitation templates in monochrome.

Video Jigsaw

A jigsaw will be a fun way of involving your guests to interact with your invitation. You can create a jigsaw puzzle in the very first frame which needs to be solved. It may also be a bunch of questions about you and your fiance.

Once the receiver solves the puzzle or answers all the questions correctly, a wedding invitation video starts playing on the screen. This is an innovative and interactive idea that will impress your guests almost instantly.

Humorous Invitations

Comedy is a vast genre, but it is often ignored while creating a wedding invitation. Most wedding invites tend to be about love and romance, but you can change that by creating a humorous script for your short wedding videos.

You can talk about funny things in your relationship, comic habits of your partner, or any other inside jokes. To execute the funny theme, you can also consider incorporating comic characters and invite your guests in a light and fun way.

Some quirky tips and tricks

Use the same theme for the wedding décor and guests’ dress code

You can use the theme of your wedding invitation to decorate your wedding venue. The theme can also be implemented for the dress code of the event. Say, for example, you and your partner love a particular web series, the theme for the wedding can be around that.

Offer some printables

At the end of the video, consider giving your guests the option to self-print their invite. This way, they can have a beautiful paper reminder of your wedding and can also use it as a pass to get inside the venue or to check the address when looking for the venue. You can also offer keepsakes to close friends and family in the form of a group photo that can be printed and framed.

Last but not least, keep it simple

No matter the theme or template you choose, make sure to keep the whole wedding invitation affair simple. Remember that there is an entire wedding to be planned next plus you are you going to need as much money as you can spare to delight your guests on the D-Day.

Hire a professional video creator, video editor, and a creative professional who can help you through the process. If you are a DIY person, invest in an easy to use but a powerful tool to walk you through the whole process. The point is to enjoy the entire process, so keep it light, stay in your comfort zone, and plan thoroughly.