Part time Jobs for University Students in Kenya

Long holiday muhimu. It is that time of the year when comrades have to make both ends meet. A whole five months is a lot of time for a student.Getting a part-time job in Nairobi or Kenya that is well paying can be very difficult considering many other university students who are eyeing that job and the inconsiderate bosses who will take ages to reply to your admission letter, or just ignore it. But either way, a comrade must try all means to make money whatsoever through.

  1. Kazi ya mjengo.

It’s not an easy one though.When you imagine that you have a pretty girlfriend somewhere who will go nuts when you don’t call her or text her, you’d rather work hard in the sun to earn that two hundred bob. Suppose you work for a whole full week, you can make up to 1400. Ain’t bad either.

  1. Freelancing.

There are many online writing platform where you can earn as little as two hundred bob per article.If you are good at research,grammar and typing, you can try your luck here.There are academic writing platforms that pay very well.It all depends on your hard work and their approval.You may try your luck here.

  1. Running errands.

Getting an office job while still in second year is not easy.Employers tend to envision you as not yet fit for that profession. When they ask you to arrange files, go shopping at the nearest mall, go collect mails, among other small work, they will definitely pay you something and consider you in future.

  1. Hairdressing.

Just so you know, you can make lots of chums from these services.Imagine if you worked somewhere around Westy as a barber where the barber shop offers extra massage services? Or if you worked in a salon where fixing a weave goes for 1500 per head? At the end of the day, you walk home with good money.

  1. Teaching.

It’s not easy to teach, especially of you have issues with your esteem.But teaching is a best way to spend your long holiday.To impact in the lives of the young people who are yet to see what the world out there is like, can be very rewarding cash wise and emotionally.

  1. Small businesses.

Agribusiness is the way to go.In that small farm, you can grow vegetables and fruits then sell them to the nearest market or supply to the institutions around. This venture can make you rich in a short while.

Victor Matara

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