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PesaLink Charges in Kenya

by Victor Matara

Pesalink is a money transfer service from a local Kenya Shillings bank account to another local Kenya Shillings bank account in real time. It is a collaboration between all local banks who are members of the Kenya Bankers Association. PesaLink is available 24/7 and you can transfer from as low as KES 10 to as high as KES. 999,999.

PesaLink Charges in Kenya

Transaction Amount RangeCharge Amount
1Kes 10- Kes 500NIL
2Kes 501- Kes 10,000KES 40
3Kes 10,001 – Kes50,000KES 80
4Kes 50,001-Kes 100,000KES 120
5Kes 100,001- Kes 200,000KES 160
6Kes 200,001 –Kes 500,000KES 200
7Kes 500,001-Kes 999,999KES 250
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Pesalink is safe since it eliminates the use of cash as a mode of payment.


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