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5 Places You Should Visit With Your Girlfriend Before Leaving Campus

Enough of frequenting chicken inns at Thika Road Mall and Garden City. Have a change of scene yawa. Once in a long while, it’s good to appreciate mother nature. The blissful environment with an endless glee can be very fertile grounds for love to grow. So while in campus,  break the monotony of the four-cornered walls of your crib and make a point of visiting these places with your lover;

  1. KICC rooftop.

You wanna watch the sunset from a top angle? This is the place.KICC is a twenty-eight-storey building ending with a helipad feature at the top which makes it beautiful and exquisite. It will only cost you one fifty bob to tour this place.

  1. Karura Forest.

If you haven’t been to Karura forest, then you surely haven’t enjoyed your campus life. It is that one place, that has a very beautiful and serene environment. The aura is calm and away from the cacophony of town. With a hundred shillings only, you can test the nature.

  1. August 7th Memorial Park.

It is located along Moi Avenue. Those who have been to this place will recommend you to visit it over and over again. The grass is very green and attractive, where you and your partner can chill and discuss what the future holds. You only pay twenty shillings to get in. Isn’t that pocket-friendly?

  1. Jeevanjee Gardens.

It’s so popular, located in Nairobi’s Central Business District. It’s a very neutral ground to chill in while in town. It’s a pretty place, that is calm and friendly. You can sit there to ponder about your problems together.

  1. Nairobi Arboretum.

It’s so tempting. The beautiful trees, birds and bushes around. Just don’t go jumping on each other because there is no one seeing you. When the askaris get you off guard, you will be forced to pay a heavy fine.


Life is be beautiful, time is precious. Make the most out of it.