Pochi La Biashara Charges

In this post, we will have a look at Pochi La Biashara charges. This is a product by Safaricom that allows business owners to effectively separate business funds and personal funds on their Mpesa line. It targets small business owners such as food vendors, small kiosk owners, boda-boda operators, second-hand clothes dealers, etc.

How to Join/ Register For Pochi La Biashara

  • Using your M-PESA registered line, dial *334#
  • Select Pochi La Biashara
  • Select join and  accept Ts&Cs
  • Select your business category from the menu provided
  • You will receive an SMS confirmation that you have successfully opted into Pochi la Biashara

How to Acess Funds in Pochi La Biashara

A business owner can access funds in their Pochi la Biashara by either:

a) Withdrawing from Agent:

  • Dial *334#
  • Select Pochi La Biashara
  • Select Withdraw from Agent
  • Enter Agent number
  • Enter Amount and complete the transaction using your M-PESA PIN

Normal withdrawal from agent charges apply.

b) Moving funds from their Pochi La Biashara to your M-PESA number: 

  • Dial*334#
  • Select Pochi La Biashara
  • Select Withdraw Funds
  • Select From Pochi La Biashara to My M-PESA
  • Enter Amount and complete the transaction using their M-PESA PIN

This transaction does not incur any charges.

Pochi La Biashara Charges

The standard customer Mpesa rates apply when you use Pochi La Biashara. 

Transaction Range


1- 49


50 – 100


101- 500


501- 1,000


1,001- 1,500


1,501- 2,500


2,501 – 3,500


3,501- 5,000


5,001- 7,500


7,500- 10,000


10,0001- 15,000


15,001- 20,000


20,001-​​ ​​ 35,000


35,0001-​​ ​​ 50,000


50,001- 150,000


How To Check Pochi La Biashara Balance 

  • Dial *334#,
  • Select Pochi La Biashara
  • Select my Account
  • Select Check Balance and enter M-PESA PIN
  • An SMS will be sent with the Pochi La Biashara balance

Important Notes

  • Funds received on the Pochi La Biashara business account will not be deducted by Fuliza.
  • Payment once done cannot be reversed without the approval of the business owner.
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