List Of Politicians Given Highest Compensation In Election Petitions

A total of 388 electoral petition cases have been filed so far in Kenyan Courts and a majority of the petitions were anchored on electronic result transmission failure. Many of the claims fielded in courts had no substantial evidence hence dismissal. A small fraction of the petitions managed to convince the judges to nullify elections in their respective counties, wards, and constituencies. Seven of the 98 petitions for MPs were nullified, 1 women rep out of 12 got her election nullified and a partly 3 out of 35 petitions for the gubernatorial seat went through…the remaining 80 cases were for the party nominees during the nomination stage.

The election petition losers were required to pay a hefty punitive amount to the latter; which means they were dealt a double blow and lost their money too in the process. The petition losers could collectively fork out at least kSh500 million in punitive costs by the time these petitions are over.

Here is a list of Kenyan leaders who were given the highest court compensations during the ongoing poll petitions.

LEADER                                                             AMOUNT AWARDED

1. Sospeter Ojamoong                                           Ksh12 Million

2. Ndiritu Muriithi                                                 Ksh12 Million

3. Alfred Mutua                                                      Ksh10 Million

4. Charles Njagua                                                   Ksh10 Million

5. Patrick Khaemba                                               Ksh 10 Million

6. Ali Roba                                                              Ksh10 Million

7. Hassan Joho                                                       Ksh8 Million

8. Sam Ongeri                                                        Ksh8 Million

9. Mohamed Ali                                                     Ksh7 Million

10. David Ochieng                                                 Ksh7 Million

11. Benard Masaka                                                Ksh7 Million

12. Hassan Maalim                                                Ksh7 Million

13. Charity Ngilu                                                   Ksh6 Million

14. Okoth Obado                                                   Ksh6 Million

15. Cyprian Awiti                                                  Ksh6 Million

17. Moses Lenolkulal                                           Ksh6 Million

18. John Walukhe                                                 Ksh6 Million

19. Didmus Barasa                                               Ksh6 Million

20. Nimrod Mbai                                                 Ksh6 Million

21. Sheikh Abdulahi                                           Ksh6 Million

Note: This list covers all petitions listened to and decided as at February 27

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