Post Office Box Charges In Kenya

If you have been wondering how much Posta Kenya charges for Post Office Boxes then we have come to your rescue. Firstly, whenever someone sends you a letter it’s addressed to a specific private letterbox. Getting your own private box in Kenya is very simple. Below is a procedure you need to follow when applying for a private letter box in Kenya.

There are different types of Private letterboxes to suit every requirement.

  1. Corporate boxes –  Caters for business organizations
  2. Individual boxes –  Caters for individuals.
  3. Special Corporate – Caters for special groups (This includes homes for children, the elderly and destitute and philanthropic organization)
  4. Learning and Religious Organization – Caters for institutions like schools, universities, churches etc
  5. Sub-post offices – Boxes are located in sub-post offices
  6. Stand-Alone boxes

The rates charged are as follows per year
1. Corporate Ksh 10,960/-
2. Individual Ksh 2,320/-
3. Special Corporate 7,220/-
4. Learning & Religious Orgs 8,960/-
5. Sub Post office 1,530/-
6. Stand-Alone 12,500/-

* For new renters a key deposit of  Kshs. 560/- is payable and refundable upon return of the keys after the surrender of the box.

Box application procedures: 

  • You can download and print the application forms by clicking this link  OR  Pick one from your nearest post office.
  • Attach a copy of a certificate of registration or ID/ Passport to the duly filled form and take it to your local post office.
  • Pay the applicable fees and collect your box keys.

Box application Requirements: 

Corporate boxes    

  •  Copy of certificate of registration
  • Kshs 10,960- Renewable annually
  • Kshs 560 – Key deposit

Individual boxes

  • Copy of ID/ Passport
  • Kshs. 2,320- Renewable annually
  • Kshs 560 – Key deposit
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