Poultry Farming In Kenya

This article focuses on poultry farming in Kenya. Poultry farming involves the raising of domesticated birds for the production of eggs and meat.

Types of Poultry Reared in Kenya

1. Chicken

Chicken is the main type of poultry kept in Kenya. There are various breeds of chicken that a farmer can raise. This includes broilers, layers and Kienyeji chicken.


The most common breeds of broilers in Kenya include;

  • Kenchic broilers.
  • Hypeco.
  • Arbo acres.
  • Hybro.


Breeds of layers reared in Kenya include;

  • Kenchic layers.
  • Isa brown.
  • Shaver star cross.
  • Ross breeds.

Kienyeji Chicken

Various breeds available include;

  • Kuroilers.
  • KARI improved Kienyeji.
  • Sasso.
  • Kenbro.
  • Rainbow rooster.

2. Ducks

Ducks are also reared for eggs and meat production. Common breeds in Kenya include;

  • Egyptian ducks.
  • Ruddy shelducks.
  • Spur-winged.
  • Fulvous whistling ducks.
  • White-faced ducks.
  • Knob-billed ducks.
  • White-backed ducks.

3. Turkey

The different varieties reared include;

  • Bourbon red.
  • Beltsville small white.
  • Black turkey.
  • Blue slate.
  • Broad-breasted white.

4. Geese

5. Guinea fowl

6. Quails

Necessary Equipment for Poultry Farming

  • Watering containers.
  • Feeding containers.
  • Chicken guards.
  • Perches.
  • Foggers.
  • Laying houses and materials.
  • Brooding hover.

Poultry Farming Methods in Kenya

1. Free range system

It is a traditional poultry farming system where the poultry or chicken are left to freely roam on the farm for food and water.

2. Deep litter system

It is a modern poultry farming system where the different types of poultry or specifically chicken, are kept indoors in large structures. The chicken can freely move within the structure.

3. Battery system

For this system, each chicken is kept in its own cage. Food and water are kept in front of each of the cages.

4. Use of folds

It is a system where the poultry is kept in structures called folds. They feed through a wire mesh.

Challenges Poultry Farmers Face

  • Outbreak of diseases which may kill all the poultry birds. One of the most common disease is chicken flu.
  • High cost of feeds. Most of the feeds are very expensive, especially the commercial feeds.

Market for Poultry in Kenya

Poultry birds are mainly reared for the production of eggs and meat. There is a ready market for the products as they are widely consumed.

The products can be sold in local markets or supplied to institutions such as hotels & restaurants, schools and supermarkets.

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