Prepaid Card Options Offered By Barclays Bank

Barclays Bank of Kenya is one of the main Kenyan banking groups. Net interest income breaks down by activity as follows:retail banking (79.3%) and corporate banking (23.7%).

The above is achievable through an array of mobile and online banking solutions, whereby its digital platforms allows faster banking, easier and more conveniently from anywhere, any time. Send cash, pay utility bills, and buy airtime all on the go.

In addition to the credit card options, the bank also offers prepaid card as highlighted below.

Multicurrency prepaid card
With nine different currencies to choose from the Barclays multi-currency prepaid card is the smartest way to shop, dine and pay bills both locally and abroad

The card is simple to use and convenient since one requires no bank account to spend money or access cash through ATMs. In addition, it offers 5 currencies in one card thus making it cheaper in terms of foreign currency transaction costs.

The card can also be loaded on demand and also allows for traceability through complete audit trail and detailed electronic reporting thus providing simple and safe electronic transacting anywhere in the world.

The card attracts an issuance fee of KES 1250, loading fee of KES 116 ( inclusive of SMS alert cost ) and a replacement fee of KES 465.

Other charges include a commission of 3.2% applicable if transaction currency is different from wallet currency, ATM withdrawal fees for Barclays members is KES 50 + duty while for Non-Barclays members/International ATMs is KES 200 + duty.

No charges are applicable on point of sale transactions, online transactions and upon cancellation/redemption of the card.

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