Quail Farming In Kenya

This article focuses on quail farming in Kenya. Quail farming is a profitable agribusiness venture that requires little capital to start and run. It involves raising quails for eggs and meat production.

Before venturing into quail farming, you need to get a license from the Kenya Wildlife Service. Quails are regarded as wild birds therefore you need a license to rear them.

Licensing takes about two weeks after you have formally submitted your application. Before issuing the license, KWS officials will visit your farm to ascertain whether you meet the qualifications to be allowed to raise the quails.

The license is renewed annually and will attract a fee of Kshs 2,000.

Benefits of Quail Farming

  • Quails mature faster compared to other poultry birds. They mature after 5-6 weeks of age.
  • Quails require little capital, space and labour to raise.
  • The birds can be raised in any type of climate.
  • Have a high egg laying capability compared to other domesticated poultry birds.
  • Quail meat and eggs are very nutritious and beneficial for one’s health as they have a low cholesterol level.

Breeds of Quails Raised in Kenya

  • Bob white (for meat production).
  • White breasted (for meat production).
  • British range (egg laying)
  • English white (egg laying).
  • Manchurian golden (egg laying).
  • Tuxedo (egg laying).


Quails are best kept in cages. A cage measuring 4×2.5×1 square feet can hold about 50 quails.

Plastic cages are the best. They should be well lit and with proper aeration.


For maximum production, the quails should be fed with well-balanced diets and nutritious foods, especially foods rich in proteins.

The quails can be fed with rice bran, maize, sorghum, sunflower cake, fishmeal, soya meal, groundnut cakes… etc.

Quail Market in Kenya

There is a ready market for quail products in Kenya. Quail eggs and meat are loved by many people since they are very nutritious compared to products from other poultry birds.

The quails can be sold in local markets. For eggs and meat, you can supply them to high-end supermarkets, hotels and restaurants.

Quail chicks range between Kshs 300-600 in the local markets. Eggs go for between Kshs 50-100.

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