Qualifications For Chiefs And Assistant Chiefs In Kenya

This article focuses on the qualifications for chiefs and assistant chiefs in Kenya. Chiefs and assistant chiefs are part of the national government coordination delivery unit and are employed by the Public Service Commission. They represent the national government at the grassroots level and are tasked with sensitising locals on government programmes.

It is the duty of every chief or assistant chief to maintain law and order in the area in respect of which he/she is appointed by the government. He/she shall have and exercise the jurisdiction and powers conferred upon him over persons residing within the area or jurisdiction

Chiefs and assistant chiefs may also employ persons subject to their jurisdiction to assist them in carrying out their day-to-day duties. Such persons may carry out and give effect to any lawful order given by the chiefs and assistant chiefs. In most cases, chiefs and their assistants work hand in hand with village elders to perform their duties.

Chiefs And Assistant Chiefs Salary In Kenya

On average, Chiefs in Kenya earn monthly salaries that range from Ksh 30,000 to 70,000 depending on the level of experience. Assistant chiefs earn salaries that range from Ksh 26,000 to 47,000 excluding allowances. Their jobs are permanent and pensionable.

Qualifications For Chiefs And Assistant Chiefs In Kenya

1. Must be 35 years old and above.

2. Be in possession ofthe  Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) mean grade of C (plain), or its approved equivalent with C plain in English or Kiswahili.

3. Must come from the sub-location of interest or be a resident of the sub-location of interest.

4. He/she should have worked in the Public Service for a minimum period of five years.

5. Be in possession of a certificate in Public Administration/Management/Social Work/Community Development/Teaching /Disaster management or its equivalent from a recognised university or Kenyan institution.

6. Must be a person of integrity who commands respect and possesses good communication skills.

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