Rabbit Farming In Kenya

This article focuses on rabbit farming in Kenya. Rabbit farming in Kenya has tremendously grown over the past years. Many farmers are rearing rabbits for commercial gains.

Rabbits are fast-growing animals that are mainly reared for meat. Rabbit meat is very delicious if properly cooked. Apart from meat, farmers can also earn money from selling rabbit urine which is used to make foliar fertilisers, insecticides and pesticides.

Breeding of Rabbits In Kenya 

The common breeds of rabbits reared in Kenya include; California white, Flemish giant and New Zealand white.

Rabbits are known to multiply rapidly. They start breeding after 4-5 months. The normal gestation period of female rabbits is 31 days. The female rabbits can give birth to around 50 baby rabbits in a year.

For proper reproduction, female and male rabbits should be kept together for the purpose of mating. Alternatively, you can always schedule the mating process after every 4 weeks.

Housing of Rabbits

Rabbits can be raised in cages or hutches. The cages, hutches or housing units should be well spaced, ventilated and have a proper lighting system.

Feeding of Rabbits

Rabbits are nocturnal animals that are best fed in the evening. However, you can still feed them anytime, as long as it is twice a day. You can feed them with soft grass or vegetables such as cabbage.

For nutritional requirements, it is advisable to feed the rabbits with pre-balanced pellet rations.

Management of Diseases

Rabbits are susceptible to certain diseases which may interfere with normal growth. Therefore it is very important to maintain high levels of hygiene to prevent diseases.

Isolation of sick rabbits is highly encouraged to avoid the spread of the particular disease to other non-infected rabbits.

Market for Rabbits in Kenya

There is no proper or formal market for selling rabbits in Kenya even though a good number of Kenyans consume rabbit meat.

Most rabbit farmers in Kenya reap big from selling rabbit urine which is used to make fertilisers, insecticides and pesticides. The biggest buyers of rabbit urine include;

  • Rabbit Consortium Ltd.
  • Alcare Group.
  • Rabbit Urine Extra.
  • Rabbit Breeders Association of Kenya.

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