Top Radio Football Commentators In Kenya

We all love football…well, a majority do. Many can’t just afford to miss a match, especially  EPL, La Liga, UEFA and so forth and so on. But watching many of these matches isn’t available for free to air set-top boxes, which majority of Kenyans have.

Supersport channels which air these games are found on DSTV, a set-top box which many can’t afford to pay for monthly. Radio stations came up with this creative idea of having sports commentators to stream the game for you live and tell you everything as it unfolds.
Many people who live upcountry are very familiar with this radio commentators because that’s the major way they can “follow” the game.

In no particular order, here is a list of top radio football commentators in Kenya.

1. Torome Tirike

Media Max

2. Jack Oyoo Sylvester


3.  Ali Salim Manga


3. Diblo Wa Kaberia

Radio Jambo

4.Steven Mukangai
    Radio Maisha

5.Geoffrey Mwamburi
Radio Citizen

6.Fred Arocho
Radio Jambo

7.Peter “Daddy P” Kirumba

8 Ali Hassan 
Radio Maisha

9.Paul Muchesi
Milele Fm

10.Yusuf Kaona

Radio Jambo

11.Phillip Muchiri
Radio Citizen

13.Georges Waka

Jacob Icia
Radio Citizen

John Nyabuto

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