Reasons Why Only The Kikuyu, Kisii and Somali Succeed in Business

Have you ever wondered why these three communities are not only in Kenya but everywhere around the world? Wherever you go, whether in Saudi Arabia, USA, UK, China, Japan or Morocco, you won’t miss to find a subset of the three tribes busy looking for money.

Despite the fact that Kenya has over 42 tribes, Kisii, Kikuyu and Somali always outshine all other tribes when it comes to business.It all started when the three tribes realized that their small land could not sustain them, the only option they had was to look for opportunities outside their motherlands.

  • If you manage to visit Kisii, you will be shocked the extent to which the land has been sub divided until they decided not to sub divide any more. Since children are born in Kisii, their parents have to move out of the famous counties to try business.
  • Kikuyu on the other hand settled around Mount Kenya, later they realized that their population had outgrown the available land to sustain them. They also had to move to areas where there were opportunities.
  • The Somali also faced deadly violence in their motherland, which forced most of them to relocate to Kenya, which was peaceful at the time.

The communities have a history of hardships, which is a driving force behind their success in business.It’s known whenever any of the aforementioned tribes settle in an area; they must be noticed because of their aggressiveness. They are not only ambitious but also know how to seek for opportunities.

One secret they have is that they’re not heavy spenders; they also believe that every shilling counts. Unlike their counterparts, the Luo, the three communities never engage in excessive social activities. This habit enable them have time to reflect on their business and lay future strategies.

Finally, one bitter fact about the three communities is that they don’t possess special talents like the Kalenjin who are known for their Athletics prowess, Luos who are known for excelling in business and education, and Luhya who are known for their skills in Drama and Football.

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