Kenyan Bosses, Here are Reasons why your Good Employees always Quit

Let’s be honest, when an employee leaves a business there can be mixed emotions. Moreso when a good employee leaves, it can really hurt. So why is this a common narrative among many businesses – with their good talent leaving? And what are the reasons behind all these?

1.  Feeling Undervalued

Not recognizing the work and contributions of your employees can be a surefire way of making them walk away from your company. Especially to those good employees who give it their all, just saying a thank you and small token matters a lot. For instance, you can call an employee to your office to thank them personally. Normally when an employee gets sent to management’s office, they assume the worst. Calling them and having a short 10 minute chat with them and telling them what a great job they have been doing would make them feel at ease and even motivate them to work hard.

2. Hiring and promoting the wrong people

Working hard within your company, only to know you’re working with clueless colleagues can be hectic. So when hiring, the company should not only make sure they fit culturally, but are also a great addition to the team. It gets worse when the wrong person gets promoted. While the hard working, good employee is getting passed over. If you want to insult your hard-working employees, forcing them to look elsewhere for employment. This is a good way to do it.

3. Seeing no Growth

When taking a new job, people want a few things out of it. They want to learn and develop their skills. Thankfully, this is something you as an employer can control. To ensure your good employees stay with you, give them opportunities to do so.

To do this can be simple. Continue to up-skill your team! Have them go to courses to improve their skills and become more qualified. It’ will be great for them, letting them know you care about them and their development. And it will be great for your company, with continually improving employees.

4. Poor Management

Poor office management could mean many things. Micromanagement that is. The result being, poor management skills can make an employee not believe in the company, which is bad for your business.

5. Poor Pay

This is one of the most obvious reasons why good employees are bound to leave your company. The only solution is to up their pay!

6. Being OverWorked

The 9-5 grind is a thing of the past. Just because they’re good at what they do, doesn’t mean they deserve to be suffocated by work.

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