Requirements and Charges For Opening a Post Office Box in Kenya

Below are the Requirements and charges For Opening a Post Office Box in Kenya. According to the Postal Corporation of Kenya,  there are more than 400,000 private letterboxes countrywide at the moment. These are basically the delivery points for mails in Kenya. The mails are usually sorted into these boxes at the specific offices the mail is addressed.

There are  6 different types of Private letterboxes that one can open with the Postal Corporation of Kenya.

1. Individual boxes –  They Cater for individuals.

2. Corporate boxes – They  cater for business organizations

3. Special Corporate – They cater for special groups i.e children, the elderly and philanthropic organizations

4. Learning and Religious Organization – They cater for institutions like schools, universities, churches etc

5. Sub post offices – Boxes are located in sub-post offices

6. Stand-Alone boxes


Individual boxes

  • Copy of ID/ Passport
  • Kshs. 2,320/- (Renewable annually)
  • Kshs 560/- (Key deposit)

Corporate boxes    

  •  Copy of certificate of registration
  • Kshs. 10,960/- (Renewable annually)
  • Kshs 560/- (Key deposit)

How to Apply for a  Box number in Kenya 2019

  1. Download and print the application form by clicking this link  OR  Pick one from your nearest post office.
  2. Attach a copy of the certificate of registration or ID/ Passport to the filled form and take it to your local post office.
  3. Pay the applicable fees and collect your box keys.

Post Office Box charges in Kenya

Post Office Box charges in Kenya 


Rates Kshs.(Yearly)





Special Corporate


Learning & Religious Organizations


Sub Post office




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