Requirements for Licence for Reticulation of LPG in Kenya

This article focuses on the requirements for licence for reticulation of LPG in Kenya. Reticulation of LPG involves the supply of LPG to a client’s premise or kitchen through a piped network from a centralised storage bank.

Reticulation of LPG ensures safe and uninterrupted supply of LPG under low pressure. This enhances the safety of your premises or kitchen.

Energy & Petroleum Regulatory Authority is the authority with an expanded mandate of inter alia regulation of upstream petroleum and coal. No fees are charged for petroleum business licences issued by the Authority.

Requirements for Licence for Reticulation of LPG

1. Certificate of Incorporation/ Business registration certificate.

2. CR12 from the Registrar of companies (should not be older than 1 year at the time of submission of the application. Further, if a limited company appears as part of the shareholders, provide the company’s CR12 plus all the Directors’ IDs).

3. Legible copies of IDs/ Passports for all the directors.

4. Valid work permits Class G for all foreign directors working in Kenya. (Foreign directors not residents in Kenya shall provide a notarized declaration. Further, any employee given Powers of Attorney by a foreign director should provide a copy of their identification document).

5. A valid Tax Compliance Certificate for the applicant from KRA.

6. A valid single Business Permit for the premise of operation from the respective County Government.

7. Proof of access to supply of bulk LPG by submitting scan of either a copy of a valid licence for import, export and wholesale of bulk LPG or a copy of a supply agreement with a holder of a valid licence for import, export and wholesale of bulk.

8. A valid Environmental Impact Assessment licence from NEMA for the project.

9. A valid Fire Clearance Certificate for the facility from the respective County Government.

10. A letter from KEBS as proof of conformity assessment of the facility against the applicable Kenya standard or any international standard ratified by KEBS.

11. A valid certificate of registration of the facility as a workplace from the Directorate of Occupational Safety and Health Services.

12. A valid certificate of report on examination for each LPG storage tank at the facility ( from an inspector certified by the Directorate of Occupational Safety and Health Services).

13. A valid calibration certificate for each LPG storage tank at the facility.

14. A valid calibration certificate for the metering system to be connected to LPG consumers.

15. A summary emergency report plan from the applicant ( to include a schematic of the entire set up and the proposed emergency evacuation routes.

16. Copy of a customer service charter.

17. Copy of the applicant’s customer enquiry, complaints and dispute resolution mechanisms.

18. Standard contract terms and conditions indicating but not limited to billing processes, procedures and tariff information.

How to Apply for Licence for Reticulation of LPG

Application is done online via the EPRA portal. To apply, follow the following steps;

1. Log in to the EPRA portal or create an account if you don’t have one.

2. Click on Licence management then select New licence application.

3. Select the preferred category. In this case, LPG reticulation.

4. Read and accept the licence condition provided and click on proceed with registration icon.

5. Follow the application process step by step by filling in the required information and click save.

6. Attach the required documents as per the licence category.

7. Submit the application.

Energy & Petroleum Regulatory Authority Contacts

Head Office: Eagle Africa Centre, Longonot Road, Upperhill, Nairobi.

Contact: 0709 336 000, 020 284 7000.


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