Requirements For Opening An MPesa Chama Account

This article focuses on the requirements for opening an MPesa chama account and the process involved. M-Pesa chama account is a service offered by Safaricom to groups or chamas to allow them to collect funds conveniently and securely.

How To Open An M-Pesa Chama Account

Setting up an M-Pesa chama account is an easy process that can simply be done by walking into any Safaricom shop or customer care desk countrywide and request for an application form.

One can also send an SMS with the word CHAMA to 21366 or email Safaricom on and a representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

The process will take 48 hours upon submission of the application form and signed contract. You will be notified via a telephone call from Safaricom upon successful set up of the account.

Requirements For Opening An M-Pesa Chama Account

The applicant is required to submit the application form and the following documents;

  • Copy of registration certificate for the group.
  • Mandate from group.
  • A copy of ID of chama appointed official.
  • A copy of PIN certificate of chama appointed official.
  • The group representative can register the rest of the members and provide access for members to log in to the portal to access the chama statement.

The M-Pesa chama account can hold from Kshs 0 to 100 million. The money collected is transferred by the group representative to the bank account provided in the application form. The group or representative will initiate the request for funds to be transferred to the bank account by logging in to a portal access and making the request or sending an email to

Charges For Depositing Money Into The Chama Account

The chama or group will not be charged for any deposits. Only members contributing will be charged a small fee which will be based on the amount sent.

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