Requirements To Be a Coca Cola Distributor in Kenya

Coca-Cola is the largest soft drinks manufacturer in the region that has managed to build a reputable brand for the past 7 decades. The soft drinks giant started its operations in Kenya way back in 1948 along Industrial Area’s Addis Ababa Road and today has four branches namely Nairobi Bottlers, Coastal Bottlers, Equator Bottlers and Almasi Beverages Ltd which is a merger between Mount Kenya, Kisii, and Rift Valley Bottlers.

Considering the fact that Kenya is being ranked as one of the top 3 markets for Coca-Cola in Sub Saharan Africa, today we are going to look at some of the requirements one has to meet if they are interested to be a distributor of Coca-Cola products ( Sparkling Soft Drinks, Minute Maid Juice, Dasani water and Monster Energy).

Qualification Requirements To Be a Coca-Cola Distributor in Kenya 

1.Ability to obtain appropriate bank guarantee of Kshs. 2 million.

2. Ability to raise appropriate start-up capital of between Kshs. 3 to 5 million

3. Ability to avail distribution vehicles with adequate carrying capacity as stipulated by Nairobi Bottlers Limited.

4. Appropriately located warehouse facility comprising a minimum of 2000 square feet storage.

5.  Copy of Certificate of incorporation, memorandum, and Articles of the Applicant and KRA PIN Certificate.

6. Application Letter

7. State your market of interest

8. You must be a dedicated and committed entrepreneur for the foreseeable future on a full-time basis.

9. You must be committed to Nairobi Bottlers Limited Code of Business Ethics

10. You must  demonstrate strong sales or general business expertise with a proven track record

11. You must be passionate about high performance and growth

12. Computer literate staff to work for stocks/bank/sales reconciliation.

13. You should have strong sales or general business expertise including door-to-door selling.


Applications should be enclosed in a SEALED envelope and addressed to:

Country Sales and Marketing Manager

Nairobi Bottlers Limited

P.O. Box 18034-00500,


The application should be deposited in the Tender Box at the Nairobi Bottlers Ltd Reception in Embakasi, North Airport Road, clearly marked ‘Application for Distributors’ or at  clearly indicated ‘Distributorship’

In case of any further queries please contact Coca-Cola on 0727 093 444

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