Richest Comedians in Kenya

Comedians are meant to be funny, right? Yes, the stand-up comedians dominating Kenya’s humour business landscape are funny quite alright on stage, but very serious in business.

With assets running into millions of Kenyans Shillings, they are light years apart from the past crops of old comedians who wait on people for meagre rations of life.
Many have been asking us to rank the richest comedians in Kenya and that’s what we’ve done today. The ranking is based on how much they charge per show and how often they get called for shows, their endorsement deals and assets, their successful shows and digital market’s worth. So enjoy as you go through…

1. Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill

Churchill has brought a new and fresh style of comedy to the Kenyan airwaves and mainstream media since early 2000, that has garnered him hundreds of thousands to millions of fans on Radio, TV, internet and definitely his bank account.

Churchill appears on Classic FM alongside Maina Kageni and appears as an MC on several occasions.

NTV alone pays him Ksh 10 million in 6 months while Classic Fm pays him over 1M per month.


2. Walter Mongare aka Nyambane

He became popular in the household sitcom Reddykyulass. He is very popular for portraying Kenyan President Daniel Arap Moi in Reddykyulass. Nyambane who joined Kiss  FM while acting as a comedian in the 2000’s used to earn Ksh 250,000 alongside radio queen, Caroline Mutoko.

He was poached by the government and made the MD for Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC). He later joined Kisii County as Director of Communication and finally Nairobi City County as the Director of Communications. He currently serves as the director of youth programmes at the office of the President.

Having occupied top positions in various organizations, everyone expects him to be rich, and indeed he is rich. Nyambane makes over Ksh 1 million per month from his investments. He has invested in the entertainment industry, real estate, agriculture, and transport.

3. Felix Odiwour aka Jalango

The Milele FM Radio Presenter is one of the most famous comedians in the entertainment industry in Kenya. He was once featured on the Popular Young Rich show.  The comedian has had a big bulk of the endorsement deals on TV from the most lucrative companies such as Safaricom which pays millions every year, Molo Milk, Hannan Tissue and many others. Apart from that, he is an MC in most various huge events held all over Kenya by various companies. Our sources say the comedian charges at least Ksh 250,000 when he appears as an MC at your event. He is invited to at least 4 events in a month. Recently we saw him quit Hot96 for Milele FM which he is said to earn more than 800,000 per month. He has been able to afford luxury cars such as the Range Rover Overfinch and a Bently. How much does Jalang’o make? Millions every year through hard work.

4. Eric Omondi

In just a few years, Eric Omondi has become one of the most recognized names in the region comedy-wise. Starting his professional career at Churchill Live, Omondi endeared himself to the public through his witty lines and hilarious jokes. He gets his money from Emceeing and corporate endorsements. His estimated net worth is  Ksh 60Million.

Other comedians

Other comedians are still struggling, with many staying in estates like Kayole, Umoja, Eastlands, Kariobangi etc

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