Top 5 Richest Women In Kenya

Some of these wealthy women in  Kenya have proven that they can compete in richness with men. Who is the richest woman in Kenya? How did she become more successful than other women in Kenya? Most of them are women who became popular owing to their Inheritance, ambitions, perseverance, and hard work.

So here’s a list of the Richest  women in Kenya;

1.Mama Ngina Kenyatta

At the age of 84, she keeps on controlling her family business. Her family owns many manufacturing, banking, farming, and real estate objects. Ngina Kenyatta is the principal shareholder of the most luxurious hotels in Kenya.

2. Margaret Saitoti

She is the wife of the late Internal Security Minister George Saitoti .  She currently serves as the Director of National Oil Corporation of Kenya Limited. Most of her wealth comes from inheritance.

3. Tabitha Karanja

She is the founder and current Chief Executive Officer of Keroche Breweries, the first large brewery in Kenya owned by a non-multinational company.

4. Margaret Bryson Njonjo

She is the wife to the wealthy former Kenyan attorney general Charles Njonjo.

5. Margaret Kamar

Professor Margaret Kamar is a well-known household name in Kenya, mainly because of her political career. She is also one of the three wives of the late billionaire Nicholas Biwott.

Victor Matara

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