Best and Fast Moving items to sell Online in Kenya

Kenya is such a great country, the Facebook traffic and emergence of sites such Jiji, Jumia, and PigiaMe has helped a lot to shape our e-Commerce industry. So today someone asked me to write about fast-moving stuff one can sell online in Kenya and get good money. Honestly,  it is not as straightforward as you may think due to its effort and time involving nature. If you are looking to make a quick and easy buck, you will be disappointed because the business can be slow, similar to brick and mortar businesses.

Having worked in e-commerce for a few years. Here is a  conclusive list from experience of the best and fast-moving items to sell Online in Kenya.

Clothes – Especially women clothes.

Fashion accessories – Watches and jewellery.

Phones – They have to be known brands, though, unless you have a proper marketing budget.

Electronics – TVs, laptops, Power banks and Earphones at bargain prices don’t last even a day in the Kenyan online market.

Weight loss products- Kenyans are starting to be more conscious of their wellness. You will be surprised how fast weight loss products sell like hot cake!

Remember that Kenyans are hard-trusting people, so, make sure you take care of your first customers well. You can only count on repeat customers and referrals. Another thing, be patient. If you sell exclusively online, give yourself some time to break even.

Good luck!

Victor Matara

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