Shaffie Weru and Grace Msalame together with other best entertainers joining new TV station

Today our post is concerning the latest entertainment news in Kenya precisely the launch of the new TV station – Switch TV. Do you wonder what famous people are struggling to join the new team? We gladly will let you know.

Arts and entertainment news in the country promise many exciting events like the launch of the new hyped 360 entertainment channel.

The station owner is the Kenya Red Cross. It was promised that the new TV station would bring fresh youth-oriented content. By the youth, we mean young people of 18-35 years old. The creators of the new station stress that their main goal is to empower the Kenyan youth with the positive entertainment.

We have learnt the names of the top Kenyan media personalities that are going to join the station, among them are Noni Gathoni, Presenter Ali, Nzula Makosi, DNG, Remmy Majala, actor Daniel Peter Weke, Nonny Gathoni, and, as you have already understood, Grace Msalame and Shaffie Weru. And the last one revealed that the youth needs would be satisfied through the entertainment. According to Shaffie Weru, the decision to change the direction came from “the need to refresh the TV space with new content.”

Shaffie Weru’s colleague Grace Msalame also expressed her sentiments and great expectations. She again stressed that the new station will be oriented for youth that spends the big part of the time on fast-paced and authentic social media. Switch TV is a great product combining authenticity and programming.

It is also became known that Switch TV will be a digital free to air channel available on Signet. As promised, the new entertainment channel with local and international content will include a fresh mix of reality shows, comedy, drama, current affairs and sports programs.

Switch TV among household names in Kenya will also bring on board new faces. They are model and actor Manasseh Nyaga, actress Jacky Matubia, life coach Mwenesi Musalia, and a rapper Kush Tracy.

We are excited, and what about you? The Switch TV is promised to come on air soon, so all we can do now is to wait. Hope, that the new media product will be really great.