Short Courses Offered at Mount Kenya University

What are short courses? Taking a short course is a great way to acquire new skills or to enhance (or refresh) your existing skills. Short courses are a great way to fill the gaps in your knowledge and give you a competitive edge when it comes to job promotions.

As technology evolves systems, programs and practices change, making it critical for workers to refresh their skills and stay on top of the game. Mount Kenya University is one of the universities in Kenya offering short courses.  Here are some of the short courses you can study at Mount Kenya University.


Short Courses Offered at Mount Kenya University.


1.  Personal Development Skills (PDS)

2. Film and theatre

3. CISCO certifications

4. Environmental Impact Assessment

5.Cyber Security

6. Managing for Results

7. Beyond Management to Leadership

8. Management Skills for PA’s 

9. Conflict Prevention & Management

10. Excellence in Customer Care

11. Digital Forensics

12. Monitoring & Evaluation

13. Strategic Financial Analysis

14. ICT-Integrated Learning & management

15. Strategy and Organizational Development

16. Human Capital Development

17. Capacity Assessment

18. Financial & Investment Advisory Services

19. ISO Accreditations

20. Project Management

21. Devolution and County Affairs

22. Agribusiness & Value Chain

23. ICT Consultancy

24. Infrastructural Projects Support Services

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