Six Reasons Why Moving Out In January Is A Good Idea

January is here and everybody is out here trying to make 2020 their year. Are you planning to shift houses or apartments within the year? Here are six reasons why you should consider moving out in this month of January:

1.Subsidized rent
Many new upcoming houses and apartments are looking to attract new tenants. Most houses are therefore running on a favourable house rent before the year gets into its financial feet. You may want to consider saving some few coins by going house hunting in area codes such as Kitengela, Kasarani areas that have new upcoming houses with a favourable house rent rate.

2.Compliant landlords
Perfect time to interact with the new landlord who is in need of a new client to fill up his building. the beauty of this is the creating a rapport that favours your bargaining power for at least the first few months of the year before your finances shape up and the pay routine hiked to normal.

3.New environment and New Energy
The common saying of energy and environment are most time the route to all peace is very true. The resolution to become a better you can be complemented with you getting a new environment matching with a different energy and what better way to match this other than moving to a new area while beginning the year so as to match the vibe you are looking to achieve.

New things come with new rules. Adaptability is a factor to consider while moving to a new house or apartments. The ability to familiarize with the area code from its shops, markets, schools, hospitals or whatever vital entity can only be done in a less pressured month and as we all are aware that is definitely January.

5.Flexibility in choosing areas
January offers the time to understand why you need to live in a certain area. Therefore there is an opportunity to be wise in choosing the area one would like to live in. Different people consider different things while looking for places to live. If you are one considering areas near the CBD there are options to live in Ngara, Parklands, Upperhill, Hurlingham, Kilimani etc. If you are one looking to live near malls or shopping centres options include Thome, Ruaka, Thindigua, Homeland, Ngumo etc. Be wise in your choice and let the area favour your daily needs.

6.Traffic watch
Moving to a new area in January allows you to be able to predict the traffic character of the area in regard to your movements. The best time to do a review of such in order not to get surprises within the year is January and here you get to understand the routes, timing of bad or less traffics, what short or long routes to use as you plan on keeping time and beating traffic in the year 2020.

Happy new year 2020. All the best in your moving out within the month of January.


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