Skills Measured in Microsoft AZ-303 Certification Exam. What You Need to Be Ready for?

Microsoft Azure has gained popularity recently through the world, due to the opportunities it allows to its users. Being a cloud computing service designed by Microsoft, it allows to create, test, operate services and applications through Microsoft’s data centers. What can one do to be proficient in working with this platform and help others conduct their businesses? Of course, earn a certification that will validate one’s proficiency.

And here’s the moment, when the Microsoft AZ-303 exam comes on stage, as this exam validates professionals’ skills in implementing and designing different types of solutions that are compatible with the Microsoft Azure environment. To add more it proves their expertise in managing security, network, storage, and compute features. And along with exam AZ-304, it leads to gaining the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification.

In the meantime, the vendor requires applicants to have prior experience in working with Azure development tools and understanding of how DevOps processes work. As the AZ-303 exam is quite difficult and the responsibilities associated with this role are complex, the exam-takers should check the test’s syllabus carefully and consolidate their skills concerning the mentioned-below tested topics.

Skills Validated by the Microsoft AZ-303 Test

According to the AZ-303 exam blueprint, the professionals who want to pass it should demonstrate that they developed the following expertise:

  • Implementing and monitoring Azure infrastructure components

Approximately half of the inquiries that candidates find in exam AZ-303 will focus on the topics included in this section. Therefore, if you want to be successful in the main exam you should master how to properly implement the monitoring features of cloud infrastructure. Also, you should become skilled in storage account management. Moreover, as an exam-taker, you are required to become proficient in VMs for Linux and Windows, virtual networking tools, and Azure Active Directory features. Additionally, you should be ready to demonstrate your skills in resource configuration and hybrid identity management.

  • Implementing security and management solutions

This chapter focuses on verifying the test-takers ability to manage Azure workloads. In addition, the professionals who register for the Microsoft AZ-303 exam will need to become skilled in implementing network security and load balancing features. What’s more, the examinees will have higher chances to get a passing score if they demonstrate that they can effectively manage and implement Azure governance solutions alongside control security applications with the help of different tools such as Key Vault or Azure AD.

  • Implementing different solutions for apps

You should know that you have every chance to get a high passing score in the AZ-303 exam if you demonstrate your solid understanding of how to implement and configure application infrastructure elements. For example, your competency in configuring the App Service plan as well as Azure Kubernetes Service will be tested. Additionally, before taking the exam, you should learn how to implement and create container-based apps and use Azure Container Instance solutions.

  • Implementing and managing data platforms

The final knowledge area focuses on the NoSQL database implementation process. Therefore, the candidates will need to master Azure Storage account tables configuration and setting up replicas while working in Cosmos DB. Another topic included in this section focuses on Azure SQL database implementation and settings.


As you understand, before being certified in Microsoft Azure and gain success in your professional life, you should possess top-notch skills outlined in the official blueprint. Knowing and developing the required skills will help you leverage your chances to get a passing grade in the Microsoft AZ-303 exam in a heartbeat. This will make you closer to the Microsoft certification.

So, why wait? Make your decision now and start moving towards your goal. Wish you success.