List of Top 5 Solar Products in Kenya

The world is now going green and most people prefer solar energy to any other source of energy because it is cheap to install and easy to maintain.  Today, we have listed some of the most popular solar products that majority of Kenyans use at the moment.

List of Top solar Products in Kenya. 

1. Solar Panels

One of the top solar products in Kenya is the solar panel. It is a photo voltaic module that is connected and set on a supporting structure usually in a rooftop. Solar panels can be used as a component of a larger photo voltaic system to generate as well as supply electricity in both commercial and residential applications.

2. Solar Chargers

Solar chargers are generally portable devices that use solar energy to supply electricity or charge batteries. They are usually small and portable with the ability to charge a range of different mobile phones and other gadgets. The fact that they are small and easy to carry make it a preferred choice by many people.

3. Solar Cookers

Solar cooker is another of the many solar products we have in Kenya. It uses direct energy from the sun t heat, cook and/or pasteurize food or drinks. They are inexpensive, low tech devices but can cook for many people since they use no fuel and can sometimes cost nothing to operate. Solar cookers have been lately promoted especially in the rural, underdeveloped areas in a bid to reduce the cost of fuel and air pollution and also to slow down deforestation caused by constant felling of trees by charcoal burners.

4. Solar Dryers

Another solar product found in Kenya is the solar dryer. It is fitted with black absorbing surface that collects the sun light and converts it to hear. Some of them have enclosures, glass covers and/or vents that are meant to increase efficiency. The substances that need to be dried are placed directly on the black absorbing surface; which are then exposed to the sun’s heat for drying.

5. Solar Powered Lamps

Solar powered lamps are also portable like solar chargers. They are made up of LED lamp, photo voltaic solar panel and a rechargeable battery. It is said that these solar powered lamps may soon face put other light sources like kerosene lamps because it is a money saver and reduces fire and pollution hazards. One of the best Solar powered lamp in Kenya at the moment is the Sun Kin Boom Lantern

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