List Of Songs Which Popularized Various Dance Styles in Kenya

Choreographers are a very crucial part of performances but in most cases, nobody remembers that there is somebody in the background who worked tirelessly to unleash the dance moves we so much love whenever our favorite song comes by. Song and dance have for a long time and always gone together like bread and butter, however, there are this dance moves which have over time become so iconic that they even overshadow the songs.

Have a look at dances which ‘made’ songs.

1. Bazokizo: Collo ft Bruz Newton

This song was written by the Kenyan Hip-hop veteran Collo and Bruz Newton. The moves of the song are what made the song even more famous. The dance moves have been then replicated by thousands and this dance style has arguably become one of the most recognizable dance moves.

The dance moves flow perfectly with this song as its lyrics are very instructional on what to do when dancing hence they aid in dancing.

2. Odi Dance: Timeless Noel. Hype Ochi and Jabidii

Remember Kuku dance of back in the 90,s, I think odi has its roots there. This dance move has spread like bushfire and nobody can seem to get enough of it, from high school students to online #OdiDanceChallenges, to wazungus. Numerous celebrities have been recorded pulling the odi including Jeff Koinange, Hamo, Churchill, Jalang’o to name just but a few.

3. Zigwembe: Bruz Newton

Zigwembe is a famous dance move. Bruz never ceases to gift us with new dance moves each time he releases a song. You can easily know if a dance is famous if you hear even the old people asking what ‘Zigwembe’ is about or what is ‘odi’. The same Choreographers of Bazokizo are the ones who choreographed this dance move and it has never disappointed. The most iconic dance moves in this song, however, come in at the chorus. What I love about the song though is that it has deep lyrical content and of course the memorable dance moves.


4.Watch Me, (Whip/nae nae): Silento

This song became a mega-hit as everybody was recording himself nae naeing. The song is a tribute to various dance moves but for some reason, it became very popular and even hit the 1Billion views mark on Youtube. So big was the dance that even Hillary Clinton Danced to it when she appeared on the Ellen Show.

5. Azonto: Fuse ODG ft Tiffany

This dance became a mega-hit when Chris brown included it in his choreography. The dance move originated from Ghana and took over the dance floors almost immediately after its release.


6. Bend Over: RDX ft Chiney

This is the official twerk anthem and is probably the reason you rarely see ladies heads while on the dancefloor…haha. This song has scenes of girls gyrating while bending over and through this song, a new dance style was born.

7. Selfie: Koffi Olomide

Congolese music has valued so much the role dance does. Koffi Olomide has given us many dances in his musical career but Selfie was on another whole new level. It gained national significance when the Kenyan Rugby 7s team used it to celebrate their historic win in Singapore.

8.KDF Dance Chorus: Timeless Noel X Jabidii X Hype Ochi

KDF memes and funny videos have been awash all over the internet in the recent past and we cant just get enough of them. Well, for those who are still in the dark, let me explain this to you in layman’s language like a two-year-old, haha… KDF is a type of cake which is extraordinary in that it serves more than its purpose without you having to eat alot…two of them are enough to push you through the whole day. Lectures aside, Timeless Noel and his crew have once again come up with another dance moves called KDF Dance and sooner or later, you are going to see everybody tuning to it like they did to odi. Have a look.

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