St Andrew’s School Turi Menu That Broke The Kenyan Internet

Many of us Learnt in schools which were characterized by harsh teachers, rigorously learning drills, random beatings and poorly cooked meals which made us miss home meals for those who went to boarding schools.

A mention of schools at home sent a cold chill down our spine, we wished schools never opened an entry past the school gate was just taking you to jail submissively. Poorly cooked meals just capped our hate on schools but as you hated school, some kids out here of some rich parents go to high-end schools whose meals are more than what many 5-star hotels offer.

St Andrews Turi school’s menu is just on another level and it’s more scrumptious than what many of us even eat at our homes.With a fee pegged at Ksh 730,000 per term, these students get the best money can offer. Have a look below ;

Kenyans on Twitter reacted to their menu as shown below.





John Nyabuto

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