Starting Salary for Accountants with CPA in Kenya

A CPA-K graduate is a qualified Accountant who knows everything about IFRS. This someone even without experience can be able to gather documentation and prepare books of accounts with minimal guidance. CPA is one of the most involving courses in accounting and Finance. What employers are currently doing in Kenya is taking advantage of the CPA holders, with or without experience.
In most companies such in Kenya such as Banks and Investment firms, the starting salary for their CPA holders is 30-40K. However, as the field is crowded, ICPAK should come up with regulations governing the salaries of accountants to avoid all these peanut payments.
It’s also good to note that experience is highly critical in accounting tasks. Therefore your speed, efficiency, effectiveness, accuracy, innovation, creativity, and self-confidence in handling accounting duties will determine your pay most of the time.
Victor Matara

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