Tabasuri DT Sacco Membership Eligibility & Requirements

This article focuses on Tabasuri DT Sacco membership eligibility and requirements. Tabasuri DT Sacco is a licensed member owned deposit-taking cooperative society focused on the social and economic advancement of its members.

The Sacco was established in 1983 by Kenya Marines & Fisheries Research Institute employees. It currently has over 14,000 members drawn from all sectors of the economy across the country, with an asset base of over Kshs 450 million.

Tabasuri Sacco strives to provide unique and diversified financial services at par with the dynamic economic environment. It serves members from all sectors of the economy, from individuals, businesses, organisations to welfare groups.

Tabasuri Sacco Membership Eligibility

Any natural legal or a group of person (s) eligible for membership may apply to be members by completing an application for membership form. He/she may be admitted if;

  • Is within the field of membership provided for in the by-laws.
  • Is not less than 18 years of age, if a natural person.
  • Is not a member of another salary based sacco in the country.
  • Is not directly a money lender or carrying out such activities detrimental to the objectives of the society.
  • Is of good character.
  • Is introduced by an existing member.
  • Has regular income from employment, business or trade.
  • Has paid entrance fee and minimum shares as prescribed in the membership policy.
  • Has completed members personal information card, appointing a nominee.
  • Has understood the objectives of the society, his obligation as a member and other membership requirements as stated in the society by-laws.

Tabasuri DT Sacco Membership Requirements

(i). Individuals

  • Copy of National ID/ valid passport.
  • 2 colour passport size photographs.
  • Copy of PIN certificate.
  • Registration fee of Kshs 1,000.
  • Minimum FOSA account balance of Kshs 500.
  • Initial monthly contribution of insurance, shares and deposits, i.e monthly minimum of Kshs 1,240.

(ii). Groups/Chamas

  • Certificate of registration.
  • Constitution.
  • National ID card/ passport for office bearers.
  • Confirmed minutes signed by chairman and secretary authorising payment opening of the account.
  • One passport size colour passport photo of each signatory.
  • Minimum of 5 group members.
  • Minimum weekly of Kshs 435.

(iii). Corporates

  • Copy of certificate of registration.
  • Board resolutions.
  • Copy of KRA PIN certificate.
  • Last audited account.
  • Passport photo of directors, copies of ID and specimen signatories.
  • Registration fee of Kshs 2,500.
  • Minimum monthly contribution of Kshs 2,000.

Tabasuri Sacco Contacts

Location: Texas Building, 1st Floor, Off Fidel Odinga Road, Mombasa.

Contacts: 0773 881 832/ 0414 470 062.

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